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Script Coverage For Screenwriters

Studio Style Script Coverage - $100

When you submit your script to a studio or production company, a junior agent, executive's assistant or professional reader is normally the first person to read your work.. not the person you sent it to. They are the people you need to convince. They usually write what is known as a "coverage report" which is essentially a document that describes your screenplay's story and theme and estimates its commercial potential if it were ever to make it to the big screen.

Included in the report is either a pass or recommend statement. If the script is good enough the Hollywood executive will read its coverage and then decide whether or not to read the full script. The problem is, you as a writer will never see that coverage report which means if it never reaches the Hollywood executive's desk you will never know the reason why. And as a writer, that's the most important thing, since without constructive critique your writing will never improve.

Key Features:

  • Logline: A one sentence summary of your script for use in pitching and query letters
  • Synopsis: A summary of your story from the reader's unbiased point of view
  • Comments: The reader's overall impressions including story strengths & weaknesses
  • Evaluation Grid: Ratings of different aspects of your script such as structure & dialogue
Click here to view a sample coverage report.

Delivery Time:

The usual turnaround time is 2-3 weeks but you can choose to have your report delivered within one week for an extra $30 or within 3 business days for an extra $50 at the checkout.

Please note:

The maximum page count is 130 pages at 12 point Courier with standard script formatting. Scripts exceeding this length will cost $1 per additional page with no rush service available.

Our Analysts Have Worked For:

  • ITC Entertainment
  • I. R. S. Media
  • DIC Entertainment
  • Showscan Films
  • Gordon/Rosson Agency
  • Jack Scagnetti Agency
  • Lynch/Frost Productions
  • Ralph Edwards/Stu Billett Productions
  • Film/Publishing Group
  • Writer's Society of America
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