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About Us

Hollywood Script Express is operated by Nuvotech, a software and web services company based in London, England. It was founded by produced screenwriter Dan Bronzite to publish innovative software and services for the creative industry. Its most recognized brand is Script Studio, a cross-platform screenplay development and creative writing application.

Trust Us, We've Been There...

Dan began his screenwriting career getting his first spec script optioned when he was twenty years old. Since then he has worked on various projects and writing assignments and has sold two other specs, the first of which was produced by Working Title Films. But in his early days, before he had an agent, he was continually sending scripts across the Atlantic to Los Angeles.

Getting Your Script To The Top Of The Pile

The process, cost and time it takes to send scripts to Hollywood from Out-Of-State or Overseas can be a real pain and may even mean the difference between your script being read and it being shelved. And what's more, there are specific script requirements such as U.S Letter (not A4) 3-hole punched paper bound with brass fastners.

We'll Make You Look Like A Pro

  • No lousy A4 paper. - Americans don't do 'metric' U.S. Letter only
  • No laughable 2 or 4-hole punched scripts - Yes, they will laugh
  • No flimsy fasteners - No one'll be laughing when your script falls apart
  • No tattered pages or torn covers - 5,000 miles is a long way!
  • Follow our formatting tips to professionally present your script
  • Use our Script Coverage or Story Notes service for professional feedback on your script
  • Use our Proofreading service to correct typos and errors in your script's formatting.
  • Use our Script Polish service to correct typos, grammar, formatting mistakes, tighten scene descriptions, smooth out clunky dialogue and give your script a more professional edge.
  • Protect your work through our Copyright Service
  • Submission Tracking Tools to manage contacts and responses.
  • FedEx Overnight or Same Day Courier

Our Analysts Have Worked For:

  • ITC Entertainment
  • I. R. S. Media
  • DIC Entertainment
  • Showscan Films
  • Gordon/Rosson Agency
  • Jack Scagnetti Agency
  • Lynch/Frost Productions
  • Ralph Edwards/Stu Billett Productions
  • Film/Publishing Group
  • Writer's Society of America

Get An Edge Over The Competition

We're here to help you make your Hollywood dreams come true and get your screenplay into the right hands -- fast. Whether you live in LA or in London, Hollywood Script Express provides all the tools you need to professionally present and deliver your script without even leaving your desk.

Just Point, Click and Submit!

Your first impression is the most important, so get in first and get in fast!

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