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Hollywood Script Express is a premium Screenplay Printing & Shipping service that makes sending your script to agents, managers & contests simple, especially for Overseas and Out-of-State Screenwriters.

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All you need is a web browser and a script file. No paper, toner or stamps!

Simply create an account, upload your file, write a cover letter and one of our local printing partners will take care of the rest.

We Print & Bind It For You

Our network of printing partners have years of experience printing & binding scripts for the entertainment industry using 3-hole punched industry standard U.S. letter paper, solid brass fastners and professional card stock covers.

We Ship It For You

Our printing & shipping partners take the hassle out of mailing your script and can save you money, especially if you're from Overseas or Out-of-State. Choose FedEx or Same-Day-Courier and get your screenplay in the right hands fast!

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