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Screenplay Polish For Screenwriters

Script Polish - $600

Our professional script polish service offers an industry experienced scrutinizing eye over your screenplay to clean it up and get it into the best shape possible before you send it out. We will go through your original document line by line, edit it to ensure prose and dialogue read well and return it free of typos, grammatical errors and formatting mistakes.

We won't change your story, cast, scenes or plot points or change the tone of your script or voice of your characters but we will tighten scene description and smooth out clunky dialogue...taking what you've written and giving it a polished professional edge!

Please note: This editorial service does not affect your authorship in any way — you retain sole author credit and all rights to your material.

Why Professional Presentation Is So Important:

Professional readers, producers and agents have to read hundreds of scripts per year. It's not unusual for a reader to have to take home 10-20 scripts to read over a weekend. That weekend is the reader's own personal time. Overwhelmed, their goal is to get through those scripts as quickly as possible.

The quickest way to get through that pile of scripts is to weed out the obvious clinkers. So, don't give them a reason to start skimming your script or to stop reading on page 1 or 5 or 10 or 30. Eliminate the common mistakes that make readers growl, roll their eyes and set their minds to wandering and make sure your script is a page turner and professional read.

Key Features:

  • Correct spelling errors
  • Correct grammatical errors
  • Correct formatting errors
  • Tighten scene descriptions
  • Smooth out clunky dialogue
  • Edit & return original document

Before & After Script Polish:

Click the image below to view an example:

Click the links below to view the PDF examples:

Original Page | Marked Page | Polished Page

Delivery Time:

Since this editing process cannot be rushed the usual turnaround time is 4-6 weeks.

Please note:

The maximum page count is 130 pages at 12 point Courier with standard script formatting. Scripts exceeding this length will cost $4 per additional page.

Contact us for a custom quote for non-standard formatting work before placing your order.

Our Analysts Have Worked For:

  • ITC Entertainment
  • I. R. S. Media
  • DIC Entertainment
  • Showscan Films
  • Gordon/Rosson Agency
  • Jack Scagnetti Agency
  • Lynch/Frost Productions
  • Ralph Edwards/Stu Billett Productions
  • Film/Publishing Group
  • Writer's Society of America
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