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Hollywood Script Express Launch April 2009
Dear Screenwriter,

Movie Outline Software is delighted to introduce you to Hollywood Script Express!
HSX is an online script submission service that allows you to upload your script for printing, binding and shipping to any destination.. without leaving your desktop.
Your script is printed in US Letter format, bound with industry standard three-hole punch and then shipped via FedEx or Same Day Courier from one of our Printing Partner shops in Los Angeles. This is especially beneficial for out-of-state or overseas writers, directors, producers and agents who can now get their scripts in the right hands FAST!!
HSX also hosts a suite of powerful services and tools for screenwriters and creatives who not only want to send their scripts but also want to track their submissions, log responses, manage contacts and collate feedback. 
And stay tuned because there's more to come including coverage and proof reading!

Here's a quick tour of what Hollywood Script Express has to offer...

Script Submission

Upload a script from your computer, wherever you are in the world and we will professionally print, bind and mail it from Los Angeles
Copyright Protection

Our intellectual property registration service establishes proof of your work's completion date by providing a digital timestamp for your script
Contact Management

Manage your contacts through our administration interface and keep a detailed record of submissions and all communication history
Personal Calendar

Schedule business events, submission follow-ups & daily tasks on your own personal calendar which can be customized to suit your needs
Create Reminders

Create up-to-the-minute email reminders and log-in alerts for your calendar so you never lose track of your submissions again
Submission Statistics

Manage submission status from "optioned" to "released" and view graphs of monthly submission stats that can be filtered by contact and date
Feedback Management

Create dated feedback records for every script you submit that can be associated with specific contacts and saved to file to help with rewrites

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We're positive you'll find our unique services and tools invaluable.

Good luck with your writing!


Hollywood Script Express Team


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